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The Complete Bee Gees
Midheard Lyrics


Night Fever
How deep is your love
Stayin Alive
Too much heaven
More than a woman
Love you inside out
Jive Talkin
If I can’t have you
How can you mend a broken heart
I just wanna be your everything


Ready Freddie Go


Disc 1
Freddies Struggle for Stardom
It's 1975 - Freddie in the Studio
Mouldy Old Dough
The Typist
Imagine - John Lennon
Text Fred
Welcome Home with Lenny Peters
Teach yourself Freddie Mercury
Interview with Bob Harris
My Ding a Ling
Happiness with Ken Dodd
A Day in the Life
George Formby & Freddie
The Queen Story
Sir Paul McCartney, Freddie & Cherubs
Queen Christmas Speech


Disc 2
Freddie The Plumber
Float On
YMCA with George Michael
Freddie sings Mika
A Handfull of Songs with Barry Gibb
Freddie uses Nice & Breezy
Summer The First Time
Raindrops keep fallin on my head
What if Freddie hadn't been discovered?
George Michael interviews Freddie
Shape Throwers
Top of the Flops

Fun with the Fabs - 4 Disc Set


Disc 1
Macca - Goodbye
George Makes a Curry
Macca - Here Today
Macca - It's For You/Love of the Loved
The Beatles - Questions & Answers
Macca - Step Inside Love
Ringo Has A Warning
Elvis & Macca - I Was The One
Macca - Lady McCartney
John Lennon - Watching The Wheels
Macca Has A Warning
Ringo Makes Toast
Macca Makes A Cup of Tea
Macca Washes Dishes
Teach Yourself Ringo
Macca On Wes Butters Show Parts 1,2 & 3
Teach Yourself George


Disc 2
Abbey Road - Side One
George - Beware of Darkness
Macca - Bluebird
Lennon - God
John & Ringo
Lennon - Imagine
Macca - Mary Had a Little Lamb
Lennon & Freddie - Imagine
Macca - Mother Natures Son
John & Yoko - Meal time Discussion
Travelling Wilbury's - End of the line
John & Yoko In Bed
Macca - English Tea
John & Yoko - Outtakes
John & Paul - Two of Us
Lennon - Happy Christmas
Lennon & Elton John
Lennon - Cheese & Onion
Macca - Ever Present Past
John & Paul - Getting Better
John & Paul - That was Me


Disc 3
White Album - Side One
John & Yoko - I Read The News Today
Lennon - Beautiful Boy
Teach Yourself McCartney
Best of Macca
George & The Mararishi
Macca - Dear Friend
Lennon - Woman
Maca - Eat At Home
John & Paul - From Me To You
Ringo & Scraggy The Dog
Macca - Calico Skies/I'm Carrying
Beatles in the Studio 1965
Lennon - Real Love
Ringo & Freddie - I Wanna Be Santa Claus
Macca - Only Love Remains
Lennon - In My Life
Lennon & Jeff Lynne
George - All Those Years Ago


Disc 4
White Album - Side 2
Beatles Story - Part 1
Beatles Story - Part 2
Lennon & Bowie - Fame
George & Ringo - Something
Lennon & Elvis - Hard Headed Woman
Beatles & The Monkees - Hello Goodbye
Beatles - Hey Bulldog - Version 1
Beatles - Hey Bulldog - Version 2
Macca - Junk
Lennon - Mind Games
Macca - Little Willow
Lennon - No9 Dream
Beatles Press Conference 1966
Teach Yourself Lennon & McCartney
Ringo & John - Only You

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