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Just a few of the kind comments received from Happy Customers following receipt of their Personalised Video Messages

Hi Just wanted to say a huge thanks for Edward’s video message. It arrived on Friday and I know he will be thrilled when he sees it on his birthday tomorrow. Thank you so much for getting this to me so quickly – top service and brilliantly funny video J


Hiya Stevie, Well the dvd went down a storm,the look on Karens face when her name was mentioned was priceless,she watched it 4 times in a row last night.So just to say thankyou very much, Karen says to thank you from her too.Now every time she's digging she wont be able to get Maurice out of her head. Brilliant as always. Thanks Glen



Stevie, The DVD arrived yesterday, it’s great thank you for doing that so much, I can’t express how cool it is. Now if I can just make myself hold out until her Birthday on the 31st to give it to her. She will absolutely love it. Thanks again ! B Gilbert

PS Everybody I have shown it too Loves it. Thank you again !



Hi.Just wanted to let you know I've received the dvd and it is excellent! Sara will love the fact that "Bowie" sings her name! I could watch Steves impressions for hours(and I have)!His Pete Best and Ringo have me in stitches.As you can probably tell i'm a big fan of Steve (and the Beatles) and may he long continue to do his videos.So thanks again for doing the dvd,Sara will love it (and a big thumbs up for using Thin Lizzy's Sara).One very happy customer.Keep up the good work Steve!  Neil B



Dear Team Stevie, I've received and shared your email video greeting. According to object it was the best birthday present ever for him. I'm still laughing. You guys are the best. Have a great one, Thanks again, Aku Sent from my iPhone



Just received my transfer copy of video message, what a fantastic video Steve has put together. But we know he's a true professional and a fantastic talent,i can't wait to show Maureen. She'll probably collapse, as she did when she saw Paul all those years ago. Again, thanks for a brilliant momento.

Bob R



Stevie!! Wow!! Just watched the video and he is going to absolutely love it !!! Worth every penny! It's so good and exactly what we were looking for! It will make his birthday so special! Is there a review page or anything that you have to give feedback?? Thank you again you are one talented guy!! Doo



Hi Stevie
I'd just like to let you know that the 40th birthday DVD for Voni arrived today and I've already watched it 5 times. I have to say,it's absolutely perfect,perfect and even perfect!  It's these kind of personal touch gifts that mean much more to someone rather than something expensive that no thought has went into it. It was just what I had hoped for and I know 100% that Voni will be in tears watching it. Thank you so much for including Calico skies in the DVD,that was stunning. The whole package is presented so professionally,it is fantastic and very impressive,I can't thank you enough for the personal content of the DVD and the quality of the packaging,I am thourougly delighted with every aspect of it. You are an extremely talented individual,I hope you realise that and Voni and I love watching all of your vids on YouTube,keep up the good work,you brighten up a lot of people's lives with your humour and your quality musicianship. Anyway,I'll stop prattling on now,you'll be falling asleep by now haha!
So,thanks very much,Voni is going to be blown away with this thoughtful and personalised gift.
PS.....Dooooo! 😂😁😜
Cheers Crawfy



It's absolutely fabulous!!!! WOW!!!! I love it, and Dean will love it  :D Big thank you and big hug, Holly



Steve, incredibly funny video.  Great job!!  We love it!!  Keep the amazing videos coming.  We love your stuff!!   Sent from my iPhone


Guys - This is so much better than I even dreamed!  You picked up the chords to Mayfly Moment?? And played and sang it with a Freddy/Brian gag?  Priceless!!  I just can’t believe the amount of care and effort you put into this, Conor will be on the floor laughing!  As will we all.  We’re going to spring it on him in an hour or so when the family & guests arrive.  Is it okay to post this on our website/Facebook? Wonderful, wonderful job, I can’t thank you enough!  Dayy—oh! - Bruce


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