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Disc 1
Stevie Riks - Inside Out (BBC Broadcast)
Float On
Elvis - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Monkees - Steppin Stone
David Bowie - The Good Life
Freddie - The Plumber
Teach Yourself Ringo
The Alan Hansen Interviews
Bowie & Elvis - She
Cliff - A Day in the Life
Elton John - Your Song
George Harrison Makes a Curry
Leo Sayer
Macca Has a Warning
Bob Dylan - Tangled up and Blue
Freddie & Barry - Handfull of Songs
Paul McCartney - Here Today


Disc 2
Ringo Has a Warning
What if Freddie Hadn't Been Discovered
Keith Richards Guitar Lesson
Teach Yourself George Harrison
Bowie - Softly As I Leave You
Monkees - Salary
Billy Connolly - Joke
Top of the Flops
Sir Paul on
Wes Butters Show BBC6, Parts 1, 2 & 3
Neil Young - The Happy Song
What if Cliff was Cloned?
Freddie uses Nice & Breezy
Bowie & Bolan - Get it On
John Lennon - I Read The News


Disc 3
Liam & Noel - I Know An Old Lady
White Album - Side 1
Sir Paul, Freddie & Cherubs
Bee Gees - Run To Me
Beatles In The Studio - 1965
Barry & Robin in BBC Trailer
Paul McCartney - Dear Friend
Bowie Sings  Lionel Richie
Bee Gees - Hole In The Ground
Paul McCartney - English Tea
David Essex - Oh Love
Lennon & Freddie 1971 Imagine
Paul McCartney Washes The Dishes
Monkees - Little Bit Me
Bowie & Lennon - Fame
Freddie & George Michael - Summer The First Time
Cliff Richard Medley






Disc 1
Freddie - A Day in the Life
John Lennon - Woman
George Formby
Elvis Presley - My Boy
 Shape Throwers - Who's The Best?
Gilbert O'Sullivan -Claire
Freddie Sings Mouldy Old Dough
David Bowie - Pretty Things
Bob Harris Interviews Freddie Mercury
David Essex - Rock On
Melvin Bragg Interviews Cliff Richard
Paul McCartney - Lady McCartney
Ringo Starr & Scraggy
Freddie - Struggle for Stardom
Bing Sings Sting
Bob Harris & Bob Geldof
Billy Joel - Piano Man
Gene Pitney
Everyone Loves a Pot Noodle
John Lydon Recites Fever
Johnny Cash
Neil Young
Text Fred
Cliff Richard - Congratulations - I do Love Me!

Disc 2
Freddie Mercury - Bohemian Rhapsody
Jeff Lynnes' Secret Garden
John Lennon & Ringo Starr
 Robert Smith - Stand-Up
The Rolling Stones Press Conference
Leo Sayer
Breakfast With Sonny & Cher
Paul McCartney & John Lennon - The Long & Winding Road
The Rolling Stones Play Musical Chairs
George Harrison & Ringo Starr Something
Brothers Gibb
Ding a Ling
Bob Dylan & Ozzy - Subteranean Homesick Blues
Keith Richards Reads The News
Perfect Day
Liam & Noel - The Weakest Link
Teach Yourself McCartney
David Cassidy & David Essex
Bing & Brian May
Doddy & Freddie - Happiness

Disc 3
Countdown with George Michael
 Ozzy Osbourne & Freddie Mercury
 Bing Sings Wings
Freddie The Penis Song
 George Harrison & The Marharishi
Jeffs Secret Garden with Paul McCartney
 John Lennon Serenades Paul
Noel Gallagher is Having Nightmares
 Ringo & John Peace Out
 Elton & Lennon
Mick & Tina
 Noel Says Are You Gonna Have A Laugh?
George Harrison - All Those Years Ago
 The Stones Want Brian Jones Out!
Liam & Noel On Playschool
 Teach Yourself Lennon
 Bowie - America
Teach Yourself Ozzy
 Calico Skies - I,m Carrying - Paul McCartney,
Word Association With Liam & Noel
 The Stones Snort Keiths Dad
The White Album - Side 2




Disc 1
The Early Rolling Stones
John Lennon - Jealous Guy
The Beatles - Till there was you
The Doos - Fallin' in love
Elivs makes a peanut butter sandwich
David Bowie - Lady Stardust
The Beatles - Yes it is
Alan Williams & Pete Best in the Bath (Updated)
David Bowie - Wild is the wind
Comedians - Part 1
Bowie - Life on Mars
Cliff Richard -  In the Studio
Sing-a-long with Donovan
Bowie - Oh you pretty things
Elvis - Always on my mind
Elvis meets the Beatles
Comedians Part 2
Elvis - I was the one
Bowie & Freddie - Amsterdam
A Touch of Freddie
Alan Williams wants his commission

Disc 2
Alvin Stardust - Jealous Mind
Beatles - Bad to me
Bowie - 5 Years
Stevie Riks - Aubrey
Bowie - Beautiful Day
Cliff & The Bee Gees - Here
Bowie - Queen Bitch
Beatles - Cry baby cry
Stevie Riks - Diary
Donovan - Catch the wind
Elvis - Pledging my love
Bowie - America
Gerry Marsden - Don't let the Sun
George Harrison - Rosie
Elvis & Macca - A little less conversation
George Harrison - Long long long
Sting - Fields of Gold
George & John - Apple Scruffs
Freddie Calls Hugh Tube
George Harrison - I'll see you in my dreams
Paul McCartney - Friends to go
Freddie - How to make a Vlog
George Harrison - Devil & the deep blue sea
Bowie - Friday on my mind
George Harrison - Friends to go
Gerry Marsden - I'll be there
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone again naturally
The Beatles - A Day in the Life

Disc 3
Bee Gees - Storytellers
Bowie & Elvis - She
Bee Gees - They should be dancin'
Cliff & Cliff - Cloned
Bowie - San Francisco
Elton John - Tiny Dancer
Cliff - Thinning Lips
Elton John - Your song
Cliff - If you walked away
Paul McCartney - Dear boy
Elvis - 20 days & 20 nights
Freddie & Shane McGowen - Fairytale of New York
Elton John - Sines on through
Jeff Lynne - Livin' Thing
John Lennon - Well well well
Cliff Richard - A heart will break
John Lennon - God
Bowie & Elvis - Golden Years
John Lennon - I found out
Bowie - Hand in Hand
Paul McCartney - Her Majesty
John Lennon - How do you sleep
Elvis - The impossible dream
It's A Knockout with Freddie
Jeff Lynne - I need her love
Paul McCartney - Warm & beautiful

Disc 4
Freddie & Ringo - Mad day out
George Michael - The toilet movie
Elvis Presley - If I can dream
John Lennon & Elton John - Whatever gets you through the night
The Kinks - Dedicated follower of fashion
John Lennon makes a cappuccino
Marc Bolan - Life's a gas
John Lennon turns Macca away 1976
Ray Davies - Autumn Almanac
John Lennon - Don't let it die
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Mr Moody's Garden
Paul McCartney Feeds a Robin
Perfect Day
Paul McCartney - LSD 1967
Ringos' 70th Birthday Vlog
Paul McCartney - Every night
Simon & Garfunkel - Hair
Paul McCartney - For no one
Ray Davies - Waterloo Sunset
Paul McCartney - Uncle Albert
Teach yourself Gilbert O'Sullivan
The Beatles - She's leaving home
Teach yourself John Lennon
The Beatles - Rain

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