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More Shape Throwers

Ringo Wraps
Teach Yourself Bee Gees
In My Life - John Lennon
Float On With The Stars
Jeff’s Secret Grotto
Teach Yourself Freddie
John & Yoko In Bed
John & Yoko - The Outtakes
Lemmy’s Xmas Favourites
Keith Richards Reads The Nativity
Bing Sings The King
The Queen Story
Teach Yourself Sir Cliff
Ken Dodd Laughing Gnome
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again Naturally
Bowie & Bob Harris
Liam & Noel - The Flowerpot Men
David Essex - A Winters Tale
Queens Xmas Speech





David Essex - A Winters Tale
Ringo Makes Toast
Bowie & Bing - Peace on Earth
Creme Egg - How Do You Eat Yours?
George Harrison - Ding Dong Ding Dong
Freddies Misheard Lyrics
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Christmas Song
How To Look Good Naked with Gok
Bowie - Stop The Cavalry
George Formby - It's Grim Upstairs
Freddie & Ringo - I wanna be Santa Claus
Wheeltappers & Shunters with Russell Brand
Barry Gibb - Great Balls of Fire
The Early Beatles Story
Childs Play with Russell Brand
Freddie - Accessories
Macca Makes A Cup of Tea
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Don't Let It Get To You
Festive Frolics Trailer
Julian Clary & Alan Carr - Calendar Guy
The Queens Speech 2008




A Lads Night Out
Barry Gibb & Bob Dylan Write a Song
Beach Boys - Little St Nick
  University Challenge
Christmas with the Stars
  Elvis Presley - Delta Lady
Father Cliff
Freddie Mercury - Misheard Lyrics Vol 3
Gilbert O’Sullivan - Hair  
Jeff Lynne Interviews Santa Claus
Last Christmas - George & Freddie
Psychic Sally Morgan meets Paul McCartney
Leo Sayer - The Show Must Go On
Live Aid  All Stars 2011
Freddie’s TV Trailer
John Lennon faces Jesus
Please come home for Christmas - Stevie Riks
Thank God it’s Christmas - Queen
Ferry Cross the Mersey - Ringo Starr
Eloise - Stevie Riks
Walking in the Air - Freddie & Barry
Wonderful Christmas Time - The Beatles

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